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Bloom/Blum Photo's



  If you have any pictures that you want added please contact me.


           IsraelBloom.jpg (122035 bytes)            AnnaBBloom.jpg (118313 bytes)                                           MtHebronMap.jpg (360919 bytes)                                    Mary Blum's Birth Certificate

           Israel Bloom's Tombstone         Anna Bessie Bloom's Tombstone              Mt Hebron Cemetery Map of Plot location for the Bloom and Cohen family.

     Hyman_Blum.jpg (118317 bytes)     AnnaBessieBlum.jpg (86120 bytes)    MaryCohen1.jpg (184101 bytes)                                
         Hyman Saul Blum                Anna Bessie Blum                   Mary Blum Cohen          Reba, Sylvia, Mary & Ruth Cohen             Aaron & Mary Cohen                Sylvia, Reba & Ruth Cohen

               Aaron Cohen                     Mary & Friend                 Joseph & Ruth Kronengold

     AudreyDavid.jpg (25865 bytes)                 HuntKids.jpg (31942 bytes)                        Cohen1.jpg (151271 bytes)

                David & Audrey (Nussbaum) Hunt                             Emily, Amanda, & Stephen Hunt              Alene Lyons, Sylvia Shapiro, Deborah  Beckerman
                                                                                                                                                                       Reba Nussbaum, Diane Bark            

       MaxJessie.jpg (108466 bytes) 

  Max Bark & Jesse Kronengold

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