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Ida's Family




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Boruch (Barney, Benjamin) Bark               Ida (Kosnesky) Bark          Benjamin and Ida (Kosnesky) Bark's Tombstone     

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           Boruch (Barney, Benjamin) Bark                     Ida & Barbara Bark        Marvin, Barbara, and Ida Bark

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Barbara Winifred Bark         Marvin Lee Bark                    Gerald Bark                    Barbara & Marvin          

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Barbara, Marvin & Jenny (Friend)

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       Barbara W. Bark      Jerry Bark & Arlene Sachs        Jerry Bark                   Jerry Bark  

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  Marvin Bark @ boot camp

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    Michael Sachs              Barbara W. (Bark) Sachs     Michael Sachs at Work

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Barbara W. & Michael Sachs      Harvey & Arlene Sachs         Louis Sachs                   Arlene Sachs                Harvey Sachs


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Harvey Sachs        

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     Louis Sachs              Lou & Michael (Mykulyn) Sachs     Rebecca M. Sachs         Michael I. Sachs

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             Barbara, Harvey, Louis, Arlene Sachs with Ida Bark    Arlene, Harvey, Benjamin, Louis & Edward

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        Pvt. M.L. Bark                 Marvin & Rose Diane Lubman       Edward Michael Bark       Benjamin Jay Bark          


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    Edward M. Bark

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             Benjamin J. Bark      Diane N. & Benjamin J. Bark                                         Larry, Mary Claire, Marvin, Diane N.    

                                                                                                                                 Ida, Benjamin J. ,R. Diane, Edward M. Bark

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Max, Larry, Liz & Andy Bark                                                                             


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 Susie & Jerry Bark        

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Jerry Bark (Find the price tag)         Ida Bark with Her Grandchildern:                                        Brian Bark

                                                        Harvey Sachs, Edward & Benjamin Bark,

                                                       Arlene Sachs, Brian Bark, & Louis Sachs

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             Olivia Bark

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Ida, Marvin Bark, Shelton Kasnett, Jerry Bark            

                   Barbara Sachs

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Andy & Larry Bark                Diane, Marvin, BJ,                Elizabeth Bark

                                           Eddie, Ida, Larry & UT

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