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Family Trees

Lubman Family Tree

Lubman List of Names




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From what I have been able to find out,  The Lubmans either owned or worked in a tannery on the Dnypter River in Kiev, Russia. Meyer Lubman was in the Meat Butcher Business most of his life. He was in business with his brother Louis for several years until they had a falling out. Meyer then opened up his own store in the 3500 block of Park Heights Ave. just above Park Circle. Stella took over the business after his death and ran the store with her husband Simon until around 1970 when they sold the business and retired.

Meyer and Ida appear to have been able to make a nice living and provide for their family. Lore has it that Meyer liked to play the ponies at Pimlico and lost a huge amount of earnings.

Meyer had his private local bookie named "Pinky" who had a candy store on the corner of Ulman and Park Heights. Pinky was said to pay off the police to keep them away from the store. Pinky was a kind man who was well liked by the neighborhood kids. All bets were made in the back room of the store.



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