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• Lutsk, Ukraine •
• Adler •
• Barg/Bark/Barke •
• Steinberg •
• Kasnett •
• Berman •
• Butcher/Booker •
• Lubman •
• Steininger •
• Cohen •
• Bloom/Blum •
• Nussbaum •

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Welcome to my Our Family History Website. This website is a collection of names and some history of the families that I am directly descended from or married into. These surnames include the following families: Barg, Bark, Barke, Steinberg, Adler, Berman, Lubman, Butcher, Booker, Kasnett, Borishansky, Steininger, Cohen, Blum, Bloom, and Nussbaum Families. I hope you enjoy what I have put together. If you have any comments or information to add please use the e-mail address ( admin1@bjbark.com ) provided on every page for your convenience.

In 1998, I took on the responsibility for trying to complete a task started by my father "Marvin L. Bark". That task was to try to complete a family history and family tree of the Barg/Bark/Barke Family. A simple task of building an Ark like Noah would have been an easier quest. As I dug deeper and deeper into my roots, I ended up meeting many people who helped put all of the pieces into place. Without them, I could never have gotten so far in my journey. I want to thank all of them, but I can't figure out how to repay them for their huge effort of achievement in getting me all of the necessary information.

Since I placed my information on the "World Wide Web" I have had many inquires into possible relationships, but only a handful ever panned out. I am very pleased to know that at least seven different members of my extended family have found their heritage. Some of them have told me that they have given up ever finding out who their relatives were. I have gone out and met with several of these relatives, and I can tell you that they are wonderful people and I am proud to be related to them. This website is a gathering of twelve extended families. 

Now for the legal stuff: Disclaimer: There is no intention to violate any copy-write laws or personal privacy on this site. If for some reason you feel there is a problem with any information, please contact, via e-mail, the Administrator of this site.

Each family has an actual Family Tree and a List of Names in Generational order. A link is provided to this page for each family. To view the Family Trees and List of Names you will need a PDF Reader such as Adobe Acrobat. Please download a free copy of the Acrobat Reader from the Adobe Website.

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