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Bark Family Reunion Pictures




First Ever Bark/Barke Family Reunion 8 August, 1999  

The first Bark/Barke reunion was held in Columbia, MD. Hosted by Jodi (Barke) and Meir Pluznik. Local police were called in advanced to frisk all participants. The following contraband was found: Three Switchblades, two zip-guns, three sets of brass knuckles, one .45cal semi-auto pistol, and two baseball bats. Howard County Police kept the peace at the party, and a Grand Time was had by all! If you weren't there you better ask someone who was. Better yet, attend the next Reunion and see for yourself.

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The Second Bark/Barke Family Reunion was held on Sunday August 12, 2001. Below are some photographs of that day.

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The Third Bark/Barke Family Reunion:

Sunday August 3, 2003


The third Bark Reunion was held and of course, our tradition is that it shall rain on this day! No fights, no arguments, nothing happened, but a lot of food was eaten. Harry and Tom got the most compliments for the Carrot cake and potato salad. Next reunion, we are requiring that a recipe must accompany any dish.

The cutest Baby award goes to Joseph Isaac Barke. (Its my web site and I'm the Judge) Runner-Up Award goes to Colten Ray Barke.

Person to travel the furthest Award went to Harvey Sachs, Denver, Colorado.

Oldest Person to attend.............

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