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Isadore's Family




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         Isadore Bark                      Goldie Bark                      Isadore and Goldie Bark's Tombstone

Isadore's Immigration

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        Samuel, Isadore, Nathan, Goldie, & Morris Bark                  Goldie & her Children 


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Isadore & Goldie Bark                              Isadore, Morris, Sam, & Nathan Bark

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Sam, Morris, & Nathan May, 12, 1940                         Isadore Bark                  Morris & Phylis Bark     Ann Barke & Morris & Phylis Bark         Morris L. Bark (Notice the BCC ring! Go Poly!)

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Phyliss, Sam & Miriam Bark      Morris                              Miriam                           Stuart Bark                     Gilda Bark                            Gilda & Fito Mirkin

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    Stuart Bark                        Karen Bark c.1974          Nathan & Adele Bark                      Stuart & DeeDee Bark         Kristina (Tina) Bark, Jeremy Bark & Daniel (Danny) Bark   

       jerrylbark.gif (29425 bytes)              neti.gif (24763 bytes)

            Jerry Lee Bark                                 Neti Perez         

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