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Gershen's Family



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Gershen and Sarah Bark's Tombstone               Gershen (Harry) Bark                                     Sarah Bark                              Gershen & Sarah Bark



  Gershon & Gittel Immigration    Sarah & Sam Immigration

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Lil, Dave, Ann & Eve         Zell & Eve Nachman       Gershen & Sarah       Sam, Cissy & Sonny (Arthur)

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Sam & Sonny (Arthur)      Sam Barke & Gail Nachman                             Ann, Morris & Phylis Bark

                        Arthur_Barke1.jpg (63516 bytes)

                 Arthur J Barke (Sonny) 


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Sarah Bark (6/47)       Eva Nachman, Sarah (Fader) Bark, & Lillian Scher             Bernie Scher

          barkh40.gif (29056 bytes)               barkh38.gif (21578 bytes)         barkh37.gif (28199 bytes)           Barke8.jpg (22236 bytes)

  Anne Barke, Bernie & Lil (Barke) Scher            Dave Barke           Eva (Barke) & Zell Nachman             Zell Nachman      

     SteveEve.jpg (18516 bytes)

Eve & Steve Nachman

barkh32.gif (29793 bytes)   barkh33.gif (30678 bytes)    barkh34.gif (32104 bytes)          barkh35.gif (34926 bytes)   Barke9.jpg (17191 bytes)

                            Irving Barke                                 Cissie, Sam, & Dave Barke                                  Dave Barke


                 DavidbarkeUSA.jpg (62649 bytes) 

 Dave Barke (Submitted by his son David Gerald Barke)       


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Lillian Scherr, Diane Bark, Jerry Bark, Anne Barke, Eva Nachman       Eva Nachman, Dorthory (Sindler) Barke, Lil Scherr

    dylancoltenjames1.jpg (67344 bytes)                          Jeannie__David1.JPG (88206 bytes)        DaveIrvingBarke.jpg (38799 bytes)

Dylan, Colten, & James Barke                           Jeannie & David Barke         Dave and Irving Barke

       davidanddavid1.jpg (52780 bytes)                davidandvionia1665.jpg (61653 bytes)        davidvionia2.jpg (64597 bytes)

      David and David G. Barke                     Dave and Vionia Barke         Dave and Vionia Barke


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